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Terry and Diane

65 Coupe

2016 PS (4)
2016 PS (5)
2016 PS (2)
2016 PS (1)
2016 PS (7)
Terry and Diane 65 Coupe

I purchased my Mustang

in 2011 from a guy in Arizona.

The first thing i did to it was put in a Shelby drop, which i did myself. The engine is a 331 ford stroker, Scat crank and Forged Rods with Icon pistons.

Afr 185 85 cc. Renegade heads,

with a 10.5:1 static compression.

Holley 670 Street avenger carb.

434 hp standard corrected fw hp, 415 fw hp sae.


Backing up all the engine is a built c4 with a 67 valve body.

transgo shift kit, specially modified by the installer to shift VERY hard. Inside that is a Hughes 2200 stall converter.

followed by a gear vendors od.

Putting the power to the ground is a 8 inch rear end with 3.80 Posi gears.

Plenty strong and light for an automatic, ceramic coated ring and piston. with all that I installed ( by me ) 4 wheel disc brakes, the fronts are a 2000 GT Dual piston design with a 2000 cobra single piston design for the rear.

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