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5.0 Coupe


Meet "Drop Dead Red"


This is My Third Mustang.

Her Name is

"Drop Dead Red".

Its a 2018 5.0  5L V8

6 speed manual.

I found her at STG

Auto Group in Montclair/

Upland. I received an email from the dealer when I was looking to trade up for a newer model. Originally I wanted a black one that would remind me of my first Mustang.



When I got to the dealer the salesman had pulled out 3 that he thought I might like. The first one was Black, the second one was Blue and the 3rd was what I call "Drop Dead Red".

I immediately leaned toward the color. I had never seen that color and I just couldn't look at the others anymore. Once I heard her start up I was hooked. After test driving down a deserted street at 85 MPH, I knew I could never want another car. The only Mod is the Exhaust which was already on it. I still haven't decided if there is anything I'd like to change.

But you never know what could happen..


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