Gary and Ruth's  66 2+2 Fastback






On November 24, 1966 I, Gary Thompson, became desperate for a newer car.  My old one, a 1961 Olds convertible was becoming more unreliable with each start.  Life Magazine, at this time, had a ‘magic window” feature on a page that said “take this to a Ford dealer to see if you have won a new Ford”.  As it turns out, my parent’s neighbor worked for Dick Wilson Ford on Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach, California so I went there.  The salesman steered me to the only 2 1966’s left on the lot, the rest were all 1967’s.  I had a choice between a 1966 271 HiPo blue coupe automatic or a 1966 bare bones stock green fastback.  The fastback had no window sticker or new car book in the glove compartment but the salesman told me it had been ordered for overseas delivery and the buyer couldn’t come through with the money so it was sent back to the lot.  He said the price was approx. $2677.  I remember that he took my Olds as trade with no money down and my car payments were $86.00 a month for three years.  This was my first new car.  I was 25 years old. It was my bachelor car for 6 months, then on June 24th, 1967 I met my wife and the car became my dating car and was the one she learned how to drive a stick shift.  It then became our married car, family car until child number 2.  It was then relegated to a work car.  I drove it daily until 1978 when my employer bought me a work truck since I was a construction electrician foreman.  The car basically sat in our driveway until about 1987 when our eldest son drove it to school.  In 1994, our youngest son started to drive it to school.  In 1996 I retook control of driving the car.


I then began to restore the interior and exterior of my car.  I had the engine rebuilt at 150,000 miles.  It was blue printed, balanced and a mild cam installed.  The mechanic said the estimated horsepower was about 265.  Since then I have added the following: a 6 bladed fan, an Edelbrock Hi rise manifold with a Holley 600 CFM 4 Barrel Carb, a Petronic electronic ignition system, chrome valve covers, air cleaner, braided hoses, new radiator and hoses, new gas shocks, heavy duty leaf and coil springs, all new front suspension and steering, front wheel disc brakes, with a dual master cylinder and a proportioning valve, a new instrument bezel and steering wheel.  The most recent additions are a new clutch, 2-chamber Flowmaster exhaust system, new seat covers, and new paint, the same color as when I first purchased this vehicle.  Soon to come, are new headers and a 5-speed transmission.  The car sits in our garage when not in use.

289 Engine

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