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Chino Hills


Another sunny California day, what could be better than a
cruise for the San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club. We left Legends and right away we hit traffic but soon we found our self's in the parking lot Roscoe's in Chino Hills.

The waiter took our order, and I remembered the person who spilt his drink at our last cruise couldn't make the trip today. I wont say his name but "Pine" was the clumsy one.

It looked like we had a very big table until our
food started coming. Starting with Dennis ordering "Junk" for himself and Jan lol. Once everyone had there food in front of them, we didn't have any space available not to mention we even had plates hanging  off the edges of the table. 

Surprisingly, Judy was the only person to have ribs. Pine was 
disappointed in Sara who loves ribs lol. A few hungry members finished their plates, while everyone else needed containers 
for the leftovers. Before, during and after we talked about 
many things outside of our Mustang family.

What a great way to spend a perfect sunny SoCal day, and no one spilt their drinks. for those who couldn't make it, you missed great food, hopefully we will see you next time.



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