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March Air Museum



San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club
on the move!
March Air Museum in Riverside. 


Our Day started at Legends as we regularly do. We made the call to take off at
8:00 am and off we went !!  We hit the freeway with Barnes leading the way.

Along the way we added Ruth to the mix in Chino. T
raffic was lite as we motored to our first stop, the Riverside National Cemetery to visit our old friend Gary...
Some missed the right gate 
but one (yes we know) car just followed
Ruth in the cemetery gate. As we waited for the others to make a u-turn
and join us, we then made it over to the area where Gary was at rest.


We went for a short walk with Ruth as she placed flowers on the
graves of Gary's parents, Ruth's Dad and then Gary. We left Ruth to have her alone time with Gary and we went to the air museum.

March Air Museum is such a great place to view some great artifacts
and aircraft. We went our own way in the museum trying to look at everything.
I could have spent all day there. We had to look at the gift shop for Rum.
Not sure if he picked up some treasures or not.

I then headed outside to check out all the amazing aircraft each parked on there own tarmac, Hammer and I  and a few others walked the whole grounds just snapping pictures everywhere !!  I took 268 photos, its like a aircraft modelers dream !!  Hammer and I were tired after we seen about every aircraft out there.

Our group met back inside and we were talking to the very knowledgeable Docent and then we thanked him and it was on to the next place to get some lunch. Barns in the lead, well yes he got us lost again but we just followed along till we arrived at portello's.

A well deserved lunch hit the spot as a lot of us were tired from the walk of the museum. Good conversations with some great family makes these days very memorable ones for me...

Thanks for the Riverside National Cemetery, March air museum and Portello's and the family of the SGVMC that went along to make this a great day !!!!
Looking forward to the next adventures,
Executive Director of Direction for the SGVMC.


© 2022 Proudly Created by the  San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club.

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