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National Mustang Day



National Mustang Day !

National Mustang Day Cruise was celebrated by the 
San Gabriel Valley Mustang  Club on April 16th, 2022. Due to Easter being on the actual day.
The SGVMC Family began with a meet up at In-n-Out Burgers and a cruise ending at Legends Diner. SGVMC Family gathered together for a meal and trivia
game. The members were excited to pick their prizes hidden inside an Easter egg. The eggs were filled with candy, gift cards and lotto tickets.


Laughter filled the restaurant as the members competed to give the right answers. Fun! Fun! Fun! They sure wanted those eggs.
Good times were had by all in attendance. So grateful for the times we come together and enjoy each other and our Love for the Ford Mustang..
Looking forward to our next SGVMC Family get together.

Thank you all who participated and help coordinate and set up the event!


© 2022 Proudly Created by the  San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club.

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