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Mt Baldy Lodge


On this our last cruise of February, 
The San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club headed up to Mt Baldy for our
breakfast cruise. This time we went to Mt Balby Restaurant.

We blasted off from Legends in Glendora, on a very cool and clear day. Rain was in the forecast but never happened. Our cruise up the mountain
was nothing but beautiful. The roads were clear with no snow or black ice.
Traffic was very lite and we made it to our destination.

As we cruised through the outskirts of Mt Baldy town, we noticed the tiny cabins and houses tucked away in the trees. traffic picked up as we got closer to the restaurant. Parking  was good and as we got out of our rides we noticed it was so clear and crisp up there.

As we waited for the restaurant to open, we had a chance to talk with some of the locals and they said it was a very good season for snow and the tourists.
As we made our way to our table we noticed the hunting trophies on
the walls. Including Moose, Buffalo and a few Dear.

Food was hot, tasty and very plentiful. Coffee was served
 along with hot cocoa. We sat laughed and had a great time. As we left we posed for pictures outside by the sign. When we got back to our pony's we stopped to watch a cool stream of water from the foothills and
some just kept a look out for Big Foot !!!

Another great cruise !!
See you next time,


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