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Marie Callender's
West Covina


Marie Callender's Lunch cruise
On a clear day in Southern California our day started at Legends. We couldn't wait to get on the road for our first Lunch cruise of the year!! With directions in hand we headed out for a great run to Marie Callender's, with Dennis Barns in the lead. As I was bringing up the rear, I said, to myself
"It looks different from being the last car." I was happy to see a lot of smiling faces along the way and a few thumbs up from passer bye's.
Through the winding roads, off the main streets and through the Covina hills, we had a chance to see the beautiful homes that line the area.  Horse properties,big motorhomes and big houses. In no time we were at our destination!! You could just taste the delicious pies. Our tables were reserved for the outdoor patio area, where we were the only ones outside.


As time flew bye we we all enjoyed the conversations and smiles from all the members in attendance.
A special day is what we all needed.

Special thanks to the members that showed up.

And a big Thanks to Ponch for making the reservations and making the whole cruise possible.

Until next time




George made his ride look spify


check out
those boots

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