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Jon and Janet Usher
2009 Convertible


Jon had a 64 1/2 Mustang in High School. Looked and ran great and bought it for $500!! Lifted in the back slightly to allow big Mickey Thompsons and "cherry bombs" for the exhaust. The car was hit head on by a late model Cadillac and put Jon in the Hospital with a concussion. We took the insurance settlement and bought a first year Datsun 240z 
( wish I still had that one too).
In 1976 my first husband purchased a 1967 Mustang for $600 from the original owners, my son was born in
1979 and brought him home in that Mustang.
Shortly thereafter the motor seized. We held onto that Mustang for several years. Now I have a 2009 gorgeous
blue Convertible, Jon had to rebuild the engine in this Mustang.  
This time Janet's not letting go of the Mustang or the Man!



New Billet Rims
Katzkin upholstery
Kenwood Stereo
GT sway bars
Tokico Shocks
Newly rebuilt engine


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