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Jennifer and Kevin Carlson
2021 2.3L Eco Boost coupe

Old memories and looking forward to new memories.


In 2015 My husband, Kevin was settling into a new sales Job, making more money than he has ever made in his life. One day completely out of the blue, Kevin decided he needed a Mustang. It had to be black and it had to be a convertible.
He went to colley Ford in Glendora, and told them what he wanted.



It was the only time that Kevin had not only bought a car without a test drive, he also had no idea how much it would cost. All that mattered was that he wanted it. When they delivered it with the top down, Kevin had the biggest uncontrollable grin on his face.
Kevin couldn't remember the last time he felt such pure unadulterated joy. Later Kevin took his parents to Clearmans for dinner. While driving he took a selfie of us.  Kevin said nothing was more entertaining than raising the blood pressure of the elderly. A few years later, we said goodbye to his 2014, and bought a new 2021 Mustang.
So we are looking forward to making new memories!


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