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Gus's BBQ


A group of the 
San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club 
members got together this morning for a lunch cruise to a new place for us...

Gus's BBQ in Claremont. Sara led the pack for a beautiful drive along Route 66. The Sun was peeking through the clouds, the weather was pleasant and the best part of the cruise was the wonderful fragrance of all the flowers and trees along the route.
awesome route Sara.

The restaurant had a nice atmosphere, we sat outside  and with the partly cloudy day if you looked toward one way it gave the feeling we were at the beach.
Gus's BBQ offered many different foods and drinks from chocolate malts to BBQ ribs, and several members who liked to get food on there face ordered the ribs. 

Thanks for riding with the 

San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club.

See you all next time...



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