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My Mustang Is A 1965 Coupe

We purchased it in 1990 from the original owner who lived in Montrose California. Along with the pink slip it came with the original window sticker, dealer added options list and owners manual. It came with a 289 V-8 engine with a 4bl Motorcraft carburetor. The factory chrome engine dress up was included. It was painted Caspian Blue.
The mustang overheated on the way home and had no reverse. The horn had been rewired to a button under the dash. The signal lights did not turn off after a turn.

It sat in my driveway for two more years before we began to restore it. While installing a new water pump the engine block cracked. The engine was replaced with a Ford factory rebuilt 289 HP. The transmission was swapped out for a similar C4 automatic. The exhaust system was updated with glasspacks and ceramic tri-Y headers. An Edelbrock 289 intake and durashine carburetor now reside on the engine. A four-row radiator with and additional electric fan is now installed.

The original Caspian Blue exterior paint was replaced with Kandy Blue. Side stripes that turn into running horses were placed on the lower sides for definition. The interior metal areas were painted in a two-tone black/blue. The interior upholstery and carpeting were replaced. The wheels were changed to Cragar S/S. The sound system was updated to include an original replica with iPod input, Alpine 1100 watt 5 Channel Amp, Kicker subwoofers as well as Alpine speakers front and rear. Lighted sills of a horse are in the bottom of the doors frames. Sequential rear lights and GT fog lights in front for accent. Color coordinated LED installed for lightning interior, trunk and Engine bay. Underbody sound activated multicolor LED lighting is installed.  A chrome 100-amp alternator had to be installed to handle the increase current requirements.

It is a fun car to drive and I enjoy that it is matured and endures. I look forward to the additional tasks of keeping it in a restored state. We meet many people and make friends. I am the Vice President and have been in the San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club since it’s inception. I welcome you to share your mustang stories with us. Enjoy our site and come join us at one of our monthly meetings

This has been my story to share with you,
Eddie Giron

Video at night

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