Brenda Brubaker

2004 GT Anniversary Edition LTD. ED.

Color: Crimson Red with Arizona Beige stripes. Automatic Transmission.

I bought my new 2004 Mustang at Advantage Ford in Duarte. It was one of the last one's made in Dearborn Michigan. I almost didn't buy it because there were talks of layoffs. Thankfully that didn't happen, it was almost the end of 2004 so there were not many 40th Anniversary Mustangs left. My dealership had to get mine from Palm Springs.

I didn't realize that unlike my last ( 1984 ) Mustang, The body of this car was made from very little metal. So far my car has been hit 3 times, despite me being careful driving and parking at the back of parking lots. Someone dinged the front bumper after a concert at the forum, their insurance paid to fix that. A guy on a bicycle in La Verne decided to ride his bike across the intersection when the light was red for him, and the guy and part of his bike fell across part of my hood. After checking to see if he was alright, he tried to blame me for running into my car, saying he had the light.

Until a big guy in the truck next to me got out of his vehicle and informed him that his light was red for him and he was wrong. At which point the bicycle guy said "nice car" and rubbed the hood of my car with his shirt and took off.A hit and run by a bicycle, and did not have rubber grips on the bars so the handles scratched across the hood of my car. My insurance payed to repair that. Another time I was leaving Rite Aid in San Dimas and a guy in a truck just backs up into my passenger side, He said he was sorry and admitted it was his fault, and his insurance paid to fix my car. I seem to have lots of unexpected adventures with my Mustang, But that has given me a lot of experience  in dealing with salespersons, repair shops and insurance companies...

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