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Outback Steakhouse Brea


Today was our Outback Steakhouse cruise.

A few of the ponies were let out of the corral, even a Cobra showed up in cloudy weather !
Some of us met at legends, others waited for the group at Outback Steakhouse, Despite a day with some drizzle.
While on the freeway, We were hit with light rain and the Cobra peeled off to switch cars and later rejoined the group. Outback Steakhouse provided a great meal along with fascinating conversations by all.
To round out the lunch, Judy made cookies, brownies and Fudge baggies for all who went on the lunch cruise. 


When it was time to leave, 
George notice his pony had mud spots covering his recently detailed pony LOL.

Overall it was a fun day with our families and the 
San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club.

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