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Baby Bros Pizza
San Dimas


  On a warm and humid sunny Southern California morning, SGV Mustang Club
members gathered at Legends Diner for a well anticipated Lunch C
ruise run. The members all greeting each other like one big family.  And when the time came the members heard the call "Lets go!", Excitement was felt by all. The route to our destination was beautiful. We cruised thru some back roads filled with color and beautiful homes. Everyone loved the route taken and no one got lost.
As we arrived at our destination (Baby Bros Pizza) you couldn't help but notice the great repurpose of the old Cask and Cleaver restaurant. Must say they did a great job. Everyone was now seated and ready to order, and you know there is always one in the group insisting on ordering the Hawaiian Pizza. No that pizza is not for me! Funny how this cracks everyone up. As the laughter filled the air and the stories. Oh my.... It was truly a great day with our San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club Family. Can't wait until the next run.


Thank you to all who attended
Until next time.
President of the 
San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club


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