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San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club
Christmas party


Last night was the San Gabriel Valley Mustang Club 19th
Annual Christmas Dinner. This year our event was held at
Marie Calendars. When we arrived some of the members
Elf Jennifer and helper Monkey - Elf Christina were decorating
the tables and surrounding areas of our room. It looked
soooo festive !!!

We had to share our space with another group of Ladies and they were admiring the work of the decorations, they were asking if they were for sale!! Lolol
As more members arrived, Elf Judy had made many more decorations and they looked so fantastic
everyone wanted one.

As we ordered our meals, I looked around at our members
and they all had fantastic smiles that wouldn't stop. 
Conversations were lively and family's interactions were priceless.

As our hot meals arrived, it was time to chow!!!
our "Opportunity drawing" went off without a hitch with some great gifts in store. Everybody had brought a gift and were very anxious to pick something great !!! 

As the night rolled on it was just magical!! It's a privilege to
be part of this amazing group of people that I call my Family...

Special thanks to Elf Jennifer, Elf Christina, Elf Judy,
and Boss Elf Ponch and of course Elf Hurricane and ALL of the members that showed and participated in this year's festivities....

I am looking forward to 2024 and our
20th Anniversary year !!!

All the Best.
Mele Kalikimaka



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